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Case Study  
Hong Kong Special Care Dentistry Association

Dr. Deborah Chan shares with HKDA members her views and insights in joining the Dental Clinic Management System (DCMS 2.0) in the Loving Smiles Service. Below are the major reasons why she chooses DCMS 2.0 over other systems:


1. Data retrievability
Data collected from the patients of the service will be of great value in understanding the oral health situation, like the number of decayed teeth, number of fillings...etc.

2. Data traceability
Every data input in the system could be traced with date and by who, so they could be retrieved for trends analysis and needs analysis so that appropriate service planning can be made out of the analysis.

3. Potential of linking to a greater e-Health system
Able to view the medical records of patients through DCMS 2.0. This would be a great plus for clinicians who are so concerned about accurate medical records.

4. Green environment
Go paperless and lot of storage space is saved.



" There were only two locally developed e-dental record systems in the market… However, as I mentioned previously, the data retrievability and data traceability of DCMS make it a more powerful and contemporary system. "

–Dr. Deborah Chan



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DCMS outreach

DCMS is customized to support Depart of Health’s Dental Outreach Programme for the Elderly. The solution, based on the Dental Clinic Management System, are being used by 13 NGO’s to provide outreach dental programme for elderly in elderly homes.


The solution is designed to allow dentists to provide dental services at elderly homes as elderly are reluctant or unable to attend the needed dental services at dental clinics.  The solution employs client-server architecture and wireless network to allow dentists to bring laptops to elderly homes to plan and record dental treatments for elderly. The program launced on year 2011, has successfully provided dental service to over 100,000 elderlies.