Where can I download the source code of DCMS Client?

The DCMS Client is developed by XUL, so the client itself is the source code, please refer to the mozilla XUL website for more information.

Last Updated: 24/06/2010 19:13
What is the terms & conditions of DCMS?

DCMS follows GPL v2.0. For details, please visit the following site.

Last Updated: 23/06/2010 04:24
What isTeamViewer used for and is it secure?

TeamViewer is used to do remote installation/support/maintainance for the DCMS users. The steps are:


  1. 1. User download and install the TeamViewer program (http://teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx) on his/her machine.
  2. 2. When user runs TeamViewer, TeamViewer will generate a pair of ID and password. The password is different each time it generates, and user can also manually specify the password.
  3. 3. User provides the ID and password to MTG supporting staff.
  4. 4. MTG use the ID and password to access the user’s machine.
  5. 5. MTG finish support and user closes the TeamViewer program.


MTG can access the user’s machine only if the user runs TeamViewer and provides us the ID and password. Once the TeamViewer is closed, the connection session will be abandoned. During the connection, the user can monitor what we’re doing on his/her mahcine.


Following are the security instruction for the user:

  1. 1. Do not provide the TeamViewer ID and password to other parties.
  2. 2. Close the TeamViewer program once the installation/support task is completed.


Last Updated: 18/11/2011 11:56
How can I access the DCMS demo site?

Here are the instructions:

1. Contact us at dcms@mobigator.com or support@mobigator.com to request for the link of the demo site. We will provide you the "Hostname" and "Port".

2. Download and install DCMS Client at the Downloads page. Remember to sign-in to download this.

3. Download the DCMS Installation Manual at the Downloads page. It should be in PDF format.

4. Open the DCMS Installation Manual (e.g. with Adobe Reader), and browse to section "Configure DCMS Client after Installation". You could quickly jump to this section by clicking on the Bookmarks on the left of Adobe Reader user interface.

5. Follow the instruction of this section. Especially, use the information "Hostname" and "Port" we have provided in these steps:
    step 2 - Enter server ip or hostname in "Hostname".
    step 7 - Enter the hostname and port in "Location", click "Get Certificate"

And you may skip step 3 if you don't need to use your printers.

Last Updated: 23/12/2010 00:24